Step 3 - Maintain

Our maintenance program covers every import aspect of maintaining a network of computers. Our software agent is deployed to each machine and monitors various metrics, then reports important information to our central server. The central server evaluates this information and based on the condition issues an auto remediation script to fix the problem or opens a ticket in our help desk system. Additionally, we can automate operations on each machine. Improved Patch Management is a necessity today. Our Patch Management probe determines each Windows patch or update needed for all machines on your network, then downloads them to a designated machine on your network and instructs each machine to install them. Third party patching including Google, Adobe, Java, & many more are supported. Enterprise Anti-Virus that can be throttled when necessary is included. Backup & Recovery options are available including onsite, offsite, & hot standby. Professional remote connectivity tools allow our technicians to resolve problems in record time.

Domain Management
Maintenance of Windows Domain Controllers

Offsite Monitoring
Probes & Agents report all activity to our central web server

Scheduling of re-occuring jobs and auto remediation to common problems

Patch Management
Our Probe will cache patch updates to your network centralizing patch management

Enterprise strength anti-virus will keep your PC in tip top shape

Backup & Recovery
Onsite & Offsite Backup keeps everything saved

Remote Control
Remote Control to support any possible problems